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Leisure Recreation
If your idea of the perfect vacation or retirement is unadulterated relaxation, you will be delighted with San Felipe. You can enjoy chilled out days, tranquil evenings, excellent cuisine and gentle activity, making this the perfect destination in which to de-stress and unwind.
Dining in San Felipe is a popular and relaxing pastime, and the incredible choice of San Felipe restaurants makes it easy for everyone to enjoy regular meals out in relaxed surroundings and amidst fun entertainment. There is something to suit every taste when it comes to San Felipe cuisine, so make sure you are prepared to give your taste buds a real treat.

Once a popular fishing village, and still hugely popular with fishing enthusiasts, San Felipe seafood is second to none. You will find a delicious range of mouthwatering seafood being served at a wide choice of fine eateries and restaurants. You can also buy your own fresh seafood and cook a tasty meal for friends in your own beach home.

If you want something a little different, then you can choose from a range of cuisine, and steakhouses offer a popular alternative. Again, you can find a wide choice when dining in San Felipe, and you can enjoy tasty, fresh food at really affordable prices and in completely relaxed surroundings. For more casual eating out, you can opt for one of the San Felipe taco stands, where you can enjoy traditional tacos and treat yourself to a real taste of San Felipe.

But relaxation in San Felipe isn’t all about eating out – you also have the vast, white beaches and the stunning Sea of Cortez at your disposal…the perfect place to really relax and take in the beauty of the location. You can opt for morning or evening strolls on the warm, unspoiled San Felipe sands, gaze out over the Sea of Cortez, perhaps even think about taking a boat out and enjoying the views and the surroundings.

From the San Felipe beach to the excellent facilities for dining in San Felipe, you will always find enjoyable recreation to help you make the most of this fabulous destination.
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