Getting Here

Not only is San Felipe a stunning destination with incredible views and a range of activities; it is also very conveniently located. Driving to San Felipe through Mexicali is very easy, so you should have no problem navigating your way here. Below, you will find step-by-step directions that will make getting to San Felipe completely straightforward and simple.

Driving to San Felipe from old crossing in Calexico, via Highway 111

Take the Imperial Highway to the crossing and get into the ‘nothing to declare’ lane on the left. Once you have passed the green light and the inspectors, take a left turn onto Ave Madero and follow it eastwards for about a mile, past Calle K. Be prepared – this road does have a lot of ‘stop’ signs and traffic lights. Then take a right onto Calz Justo Sierra and follow the road south, past the monument, and onto Calz Benito Juárez. As you continue southeast, towards Lázaro Cárdenas and Sánchez Taboada, you will start to see the signs to San Felipe overhead. Cross the rail tracks, and continue straight. You should see Kenworth Trucks and Costco. You will now have reached Highway 5 and will notice kilometer markers to San Felipe. Driving to San Felipe from new crossing, Garita II 

Take Highway 8 West from Yuma and then exit south on to Highway 98. You will then need to exit south onto Highway 7. You should see signs indicating the Mexican border crossing. Once you have crossed through the border station, keep going straight on to Ave Colon. The turn right and head west along the international fence to Calz Gómez Morín until you reach the ‘stop’ (ALTO) sign. Take a left and head south for several miles along Calz Gómez Morín. As you pass the Sony plant, continue across the railroad tracks. At the next light, turn left onto Calz Benito Juárez. Follow the highway (Highway 5) past Costco and Kenworth Trucks, which should be on your left. You should now start to notice kilometer markers to San Felipe. The above directions should be easy to follow for anyone that needs to know how to get to San Felipe. Driving to San Felipe couldn’t be easier, and you should have a smooth journey.

You should bear in mind that there is a military checkpoint about thirty miles before you reach San Felipe. Although the military staff here does not speak much English, they are polite and friendly, so there is no need for any concern. Their purpose is to ensure that no drugs or guns are being smuggled in, so they may need to do a routine check of your vehicle.