The Beachfront at La Hacienda

San Felipe’s finest and most prestigious beachfront homesites.  With spectacular unobstructed views of the Sea of Cortez, and the town of San Felipe, and the Machorro and Kila mountains.  The only thing obstructing your view would be a flock of graceful pelicans looking for lunch or dinner in the Sea of Cortez. 

Please see images of our beachfront community in the following slideshow.

Established upscale neighborhood, fully urbanized with modern infrastructure, clean well water, part of a master-planned community.

Perfectly clean title.  Title insurance available to retail buyers through Stewart Title.Views – sea, city lights, and mountains.

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Full Broker Co-Op

(2nd homes are becoming 1st priority among Americans)

Vacation and investment homes are being bought up almost as fast as they become available.  According to the National Association of Realtors, since baby-boomers are now at the peak of their earning potential, the push to snap up vacation homes is unlikely to reverse soon.  The fact is that the typical age for those seeking vacation retreats is now about 52.  This means that more people are enjoying the fruits of their labor at an earlier age, and actually seeing investment returns of pretty good amounts as well.

2005 saw an incredible rise of second home purchases.  Americans purchased almost 3.5 Million second homes last year alone.  Over 1 million of them were vacation homes, and almost 2.5 million were investment properties.  The total number of 2nd homes purchased in 2005 is up an amazing 16% over 2004 sales.  This is all huge news in itself.  The most impressive number of all to anyone thinking about purchasing a home is “40”.  Of all of the homes sold in 2005 in the entire United States, second home purchases made up almost 40% of the total residential real estate transactions.

Did someone say “Full Broker Co-Op Opportunity”?  Mi Casa del Mar at La Hacienda is South Beach, San Felipe’s premier luxury resort destination.  Now, we even offer a Full Broker Co-Op Opportunity!  We cater to 2nd homeowners, retirees, and real estate investors alike.  We offer custom-built and spec homes in a lush and luxurious seaside resort community.  Mi Casa del Mar can boast what so few other resort communities can:  comfort, convenience, and affordability.

What we offer What is coming soon 
Brick Paved StreetsDrinkable Water from our own Aquifer Fed WellUnderground Utilities to Preserve the viewWaste Treatment FacilityConstruction ManagementProperty ManagementModel Home Lease-BackUS Style FinancingTitle Insurance 18 hole golf courseEquestrian CenterCountry Club & SpaThe Baja Community with over 90 new homes Community/Shopping CenterHouses and Condos on the Golf CourseFractional Ownership/Private Residence Clubs

What does this mean to potential home buyers?  This means that the time for sitting on the fence is over.  Stop dreaming, and start planning.  This trend in 2nd home purchases is sure to affect the real estate market.  In the Baja Community alone, there is still availability for 6 investors.  Consider the facts.  A huge 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1400 square foot home starts at only $269,000 including full ownership with fideicomiso and closing costs.  The appreciation here in San Felipe also continues to rise.  Investors who have thought ahead and joined this exclusive development are seeing month after month appreciation of 3-5%. 

Realtor Referral Program

La Hacienda offers an exciting opportunity for members of the National Association of Realtors to participate in the fast-paced growth of Mexican real estate sales to US citizens.

Real Estate
We offer quality real estate in the Mexican town of San Felipe, Baja California. Our development is just a few hour’s drive from San Diego and Palm Springs. Properties in Mexico can be owned by US citizens and US title insurance is available from Steward and First American Title Companies.

New Homes! Our main product is new homes in an upscale neighborhood. Our homes are made of energy-efficient materials. We have several floor plans. The home sites have beautiful sea or desert/mountain views (think Palms Springs on water).

Investment! We have opportunities for a retail commercial center, fractional ownership beach front bungalows with a rental program, golf course, hotel sites, a sky park (homes for pilots) and medical opportunities including a consultative facility and assisted care residential village. We also have programs for joint ventures and mortgage/construction financing. 

Our average customer buys a single-family home in the range of $180,000 – $300,000. Our homes start as low as $169,500 and go as high as $599,000. We cater to second-home buyers and retirees. 35 million US citizens are within a day’s drive. Most of our clients have 700+ fico scores and pay cash or finance 50-70% through a US institution. Several people have invested in property using their IRA funds in our fully conforming program.

La Hacienda pays 2% of the gross sales price for any qualified referrals you send down to us. Fill in our simple referral form and provide it to us by fax or e-mail before the client arrives at our development.

Sales Resources
To help you succeed as part of our remote sales team, we are providing information and pictures on the internet. Please visit the following web sites.

· Our main site

We offer tracking of all activity in your private account on our website. We will have visibility into all activities between your clients and La Hacienda. Use this as a commission tracking and client follow-up tool.We handle all aspects of closing, title transfer, title insurance, bank trusts, corporations, etc. as will benefit your client. We have lawyers, surveyors, appraisers, architects, and engineers on our team and at the ready. We offer a complete end to end services to help your clients successfully complete their home purchase.

Mexico Real Estate – Fideicomiso

Mexico Real Estate has become highly sought after and more people each year are purchasing Mexico real estate.  For a very long time, there has been a huge misconception that Real Estate in Mexico could not be owned by foreigners.  Since this used to be the case, many individuals were unfortunately forced to lease the land.  The idea of the “ninety-nine-year land lease” stemmed from this confusion.  To look at this dilemma and the solution that was formed, we have to look back in the history books just a bit.

The term Fideicomiso came from the Roman contract called Paco de Fuduccia and can be applied to most any type of contract as long as the purpose of it is not illegal. The Fideicomiso was originally, in the early 20th century, adapted from the American Trust and tailored to Mexican regulations.

In 1917 the Mexican Constitution that we now see was issued.  Article 27 of this constitution regulated everything concerning the Mexican Territory, sea, waters, ground, underground, natural recourses and general rules having to do with property.  It also established what is called the “restricted area” or “restricted zone”.  This area is made up of 50 kilometers along the coast, and 100 kilometers along the border. 

Beginning on January 1st of 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was created.  With this, the Foreign Investment Act of 1993 was passed.  The Mexican Congress did this to promote foreign investment into Mexico.  Foreigners were allowed by this law to own 100% of the shares of a corporation and therefore purchase property in an “indirect way”.    The “indirect way” and the answer to all of this, is known as a Fideicomiso.

With a Fideicomiso, a permit is issued to a Mexican bank of your choice by the Mexican Department of Foreign Affairs. This makes the selected bank the trustee, thus making you the beneficiary of that trust.  Ownership of the property still belongs to you, but the bank acts as the trustee as it would in the case of a living will or estate trust.  In all transactions involving the property, the bank acts as an employee of the beneficiary. As the beneficiary, you retain control and full use of the property and make all decisions concerning the property.  Fideicomiso, legally, holds the same equivalent of deeded ownership.  This is also referred to in the United States as fee simple.  The term of trust averages about fifty years.  It is renewable every fifty years.  The length of the trust period means that you won’t have to deal with renewals on a regular basis.

So, what does this all mean for you?  This means that, with a Fideicomiso or Trust, today foreigners can purchase Mexico Real Estate.  Under a Fideicomiso Trust, owning land in Mexico gives you the rights of use, profit, inheritance, and willing of the property, enjoyment, improvements, or leasing.  This gives an effective and safe solution for those that look forward to enjoying Mexico Real Estate ownership, so you can have a stunning property in fantastic surroundings with very little hassles. 

The best part of all is that our very own La Hacienda is a Master Trust Community.  Whenever you are looking at a potential real estate purchase it is very important to ask if the community you are looking at is one.  Very few are.  Simply put this means that if a community is not a Master Trust Community, they cannot issue title to property (sometimes for up to a year after you have paid for it).

Ownership Of Property In Mexico

Due to the restricted zone regulations that prohibited foreigners from buying Mexico real estate within sixty miles of an international border, or within thirty miles of the Mexican coast, property ownership in Mexico hasn’t always been easy. However, the Mexican government identified a need to cater to those that wanted to make real estate investments in Mexico, and with this in mind, a solution was developed to enable this to happen.

This solution is known as a Mexican Property trust, otherwise known as a ‘Fideicomiso’. This is a safe, simple and fully renewable Mexican Property Trust, which enables average consumers that wish to vacation or retire in Mexico to own their own stunning property. Like an estate trust, the Fidecomiso gives you, the purchaser, all rights of ownership.

Active Recreation

San Felipe Recreation – Active  Different people interpret the perfect vacation and the perfect retirement in different ways. Some people see vacations and retirement as a time for utter relaxation, where you can spend your days enjoying gentle strolls and admiring fabulous scenery. Other people see vacations and retirement as a time to pack in as much fun and excitement as possible. Luckily, in San Felipe, you can enjoy a happy medium, with a range of both gentle and active recreational fun to suit all tastes and ages.

If you are looking forward to an active retirement or if you enjoy energetic vacations, then San Felipe will have plenty to offer in the way of excellent recreational activities. You can fill your days and your evening with a wide choice of fun-packed pursuits, and whatever your age or taste there is certain to be something that suits you down to the ground. You can select from activities such as:

ATV touring in San Felipe: If you fancy some real excitement, an ATV tour offers the perfect solution. You can cruise the San Felipe coastlines with this one-hour tour, taking in the scenery and enjoying the thrill. You can even rent your own ATV and try out the dry water tracks or the stunning sand dunes, where you can enjoy breathtaking views as well as exhilarating fun. 

Horseback riding in San Felipe: Horseback riding is a popular recreational activity, and you can enjoy admiring the beauty of San Felipe as well as the thrill of horseback riding. Whether you want to enjoy an exhilarating horseback ride alone or a romantic ride out with a loved one, you’ll be delighted by the facilities available in San Felipe.

Playing tennis is San Felipe: With La Hacienda, you will have access to excellent tennis facilities, and you can enjoy brushing up your tennis skills or enjoying an energetic game of single or doubles with friends and family.

Swimming in San Felipe: There are some beautiful waters in San Felipe, and there’s nothing more refreshing or exhilarating than a cooling swim on a hot day or a warm evening. Stunning beaches are plentiful in San Felipe, so you’ll never be short of places in which to enjoy a gentle paddle or an energetic swim.

Fishing in San Felipe: If you enjoy water-based activities, you’ll love the boating and fishing opportunities in San Felipe. You don’t have to own your own boat, as you can take advantage of locally available fishing charters. You can select from choice water activities, such as the waters off San Felipe or at a small island just offshore, known as Roca Consag.

Nightlife in San Felipe: If you enjoy lively nights then you’ll be delighted with the vibrant San Felipe nightlife. There is plenty of choices, so there will be something to suit every taste. You can enjoy energetic dance clubs that offer a range of musical delights from disco and rock to rhythm and blues. You can also enjoy relaxing at one of a choice of bars or enjoying an evening meal at a fine restaurant.

Shopping in San Felipe: There are plenty of excellent shopping opportunities in San Felipe, and whether you are looking for clothes and jewelry or gifts and bric-a-brac, you will find a wide range of shops and markets to explore and enjoy. You can even place orders for custom-made merchandise from the local tradesmen and vendors.

This vast choice of activity will ensure that your time in San Felipe is filled with fun, excitement, pleasure, and adventure. With so many pursuits at your fingertips, you can keep yourself as busy as your dare in this fabulous destination.

San Felipe and the Desert Corridor

Expansion and Improvements are just off in the Horizon.

Right now there is dire need for a road that will swing back from Puertocitos and reconnect with the Desert Corridor, which travels from Tijuana South through La Paz.   At this time, no such access exists between the serenity of San Felipe and the elaborateness of Ensenada.  This is soon to be but a memory.  The road linking these two spectacular cities is approximately 111km and hosts well over 150,000 tourists each and every year.  With the rise in people seeking out the fantastic real estate overlooking majestic sunsets and spectacular ocean views, the need to improve this stretch of road is long overdue. 

The San Felipe Corridor begins North of San Felipe and is divided into 7 sections: North, San Felipe, Corridor Sur, Percebu, Delicias, San Juan De Los Lagos, and Puertocitos.  Plans are already underway to begin the expansion of this well traveled road, turning it into a four lane pleasure drive.  The travel and investment advancements this will create are extremely exciting.  Being a Priority Federal Zone, it is supported by a raise in property taxes, an Aqueduct with enough water to last until 2020, and an electrical infrastructure.

Development of the San Felipe corridor is well desired and needed just in itself.  But what would Baja be without continued improvements in the Maritime Corridor.  Currently in effect, there is future planning of 10 new ports of call.  This is sure to enhance the already popular coastal travel in this huge area.  The first designated ports are Ensenada, Punta San Carlos, Santa Maria, Santa Rosalita, Bahia De Los Angeles, San Luis Gonzaga, San Felipe and Puertos Penascos.  It will ultimately end in the State of Sonora.  The potential for new business, ease of travel, and enhancement of an already popular Baja, are seeing developers and real estate investors on the edge of their seat.  Soon, the splendor of San Felipe and surrounding areas, will be more accessible than ever.

Las Casitas at La Hacienda

Las Casitas is managed by a La Hacienda representative. Imagine a place where the sky is painted with a palette of colors that astonish the soul.

Imagine a place where soft waves of the sea roll in as your mind is soothed by their elegant tumble. Imagine a place that allows you to view picturesque landscapes, horizons and skylines that resemble a coast off the Mediterranean. Now imagine you have a luxurious ‘casita’ surrounded by this remarkable environment…

Can you picture this place? We want to make sure you can. Come to Las Casitas resort villas, located in San Felipe’s south beach exclusive development ‘La Hacienda’ this secluded complex is the relaxing jewel for those who refuse to be drawn to the ordinary.

Las Casitas will enchant you and remind you of the bliss one should experience when on vacation. This is a place to turn your phones off and to read that book you can’t finish and to fall in love all over again. Experience Las Casitas, everyone should at least once in their 

On the Road to San Felipe. Gateway to Paradise

As many of you already know, the road from Mexicali into San Felipe is in desperate need of improvement. Well, that time is very close. With the advancements and building along San Felipe Road, the need for improvement has become one of San Felipe’s top priorities.  The city of San Felipe wants to make sure that the road built will be safe and able to withstand the fantastic weather conditions that the beautiful city is known for.  The largest factor being looked at is the increased traffic flow over the years.  San Felipe’s real estate and climate are becoming more and more desired by future retirees, as well as families acquiring vacation property.  So, the enormous increase in visitors, as well as residents, along with infrastructures to integrate with any future building, are all being taken into consideration.  It looks like they have thought of everything.

The first stage plans are to develop 30 kilometers of San Felipe Road starting at kilometer marker 190 (at the beginning of town), and advancing North to kilometer marker 160.  The new modernizations will include a four-lane road (approximately 34 meters across), with a beautifully landscaped center median.  Considering that the current road is only 7 meters across, the future four-lane road (along with the beautiful flowers, bushes, and trees in the center median) will make entering San Felipe the pleasurable experience it should be.  The road will also have safe u-turn access and pedestrian-friendly crosswalks as needed.

They intend to divide the 30-kilometer project into twenty 1.5 kilometer sections.  Phase 1 of the project (which consists of the development, lab tests, and expected budget) is already complete.  The project budget is currently estimated at $175 M Pesos.  Phase 2 is the Environmental Impact Study, and Phase 3 is the Executive Study which includes results of Phase 1 and 2.  The blueprints, lab tests, and budget proposals have already been submitted to the government.  So, Phase 2 is soon to follow.  Pending Government approval and receipt of the first $50 M Pesos, the first 15-20 kilometers of the project can begin construction.

This is extremely exciting news for both residents and investors alike in San Felipe.  As the entrance into San Felipe, it will soon represent the paradise that it is.

Getting Here

Not only is San Felipe a stunning destination with incredible views and a range of activities; it is also very conveniently located. Driving to San Felipe through Mexicali is very easy, so you should have no problem navigating your way here. Below, you will find step-by-step directions that will make getting to San Felipe completely straightforward and simple.

Driving to San Felipe from old crossing in Calexico, via Highway 111

Take the Imperial Highway to the crossing and get into the ‘nothing to declare’ lane on the left. Once you have passed the green light and the inspectors, take a left turn onto Ave Madero and follow it eastwards for about a mile, past Calle K. Be prepared – this road does have a lot of ‘stop’ signs and traffic lights. Then take a right onto Calz Justo Sierra and follow the road south, past the monument, and onto Calz Benito Juárez. As you continue southeast, towards Lázaro Cárdenas and Sánchez Taboada, you will start to see the signs to San Felipe overhead. Cross the rail tracks, and continue straight. You should see Kenworth Trucks and Costco. You will now have reached Highway 5 and will notice kilometer markers to San Felipe. Driving to San Felipe from new crossing, Garita II 

Take Highway 8 West from Yuma and then exit south on to Highway 98. You will then need to exit south onto Highway 7. You should see signs indicating the Mexican border crossing. Once you have crossed through the border station, keep going straight on to Ave Colon. The turn right and head west along the international fence to Calz Gómez Morín until you reach the ‘stop’ (ALTO) sign. Take a left and head south for several miles along Calz Gómez Morín. As you pass the Sony plant, continue across the railroad tracks. At the next light, turn left onto Calz Benito Juárez. Follow the highway (Highway 5) past Costco and Kenworth Trucks, which should be on your left. You should now start to notice kilometer markers to San Felipe. The above directions should be easy to follow for anyone that needs to know how to get to San Felipe. Driving to San Felipe couldn’t be easier, and you should have a smooth journey.

You should bear in mind that there is a military checkpoint about thirty miles before you reach San Felipe. Although the military staff here does not speak much English, they are polite and friendly, so there is no need for any concern. Their purpose is to ensure that no drugs or guns are being smuggled in, so they may need to do a routine check of your vehicle.