San Felipe and the Desert Corridor

Expansion and Improvements are just off in the Horizon.

Right now there is dire need for a road that will swing back from Puertocitos and reconnect with the Desert Corridor, which travels from Tijuana South through La Paz.   At this time, no such access exists between the serenity of San Felipe and the elaborateness of Ensenada.  This is soon to be but a memory.  The road linking these two spectacular cities is approximately 111km and hosts well over 150,000 tourists each and every year.  With the rise in people seeking out the fantastic real estate overlooking majestic sunsets and spectacular ocean views, the need to improve this stretch of road is long overdue. 

The San Felipe Corridor begins North of San Felipe and is divided into 7 sections: North, San Felipe, Corridor Sur, Percebu, Delicias, San Juan De Los Lagos, and Puertocitos.  Plans are already underway to begin the expansion of this well traveled road, turning it into a four lane pleasure drive.  The travel and investment advancements this will create are extremely exciting.  Being a Priority Federal Zone, it is supported by a raise in property taxes, an Aqueduct with enough water to last until 2020, and an electrical infrastructure.

Development of the San Felipe corridor is well desired and needed just in itself.  But what would Baja be without continued improvements in the Maritime Corridor.  Currently in effect, there is future planning of 10 new ports of call.  This is sure to enhance the already popular coastal travel in this huge area.  The first designated ports are Ensenada, Punta San Carlos, Santa Maria, Santa Rosalita, Bahia De Los Angeles, San Luis Gonzaga, San Felipe and Puertos Penascos.  It will ultimately end in the State of Sonora.  The potential for new business, ease of travel, and enhancement of an already popular Baja, are seeing developers and real estate investors on the edge of their seat.  Soon, the splendor of San Felipe and surrounding areas, will be more accessible than ever.