On the Road to San Felipe. Gateway to Paradise

As many of you already know, the road from Mexicali into San Felipe is in desperate need of improvement. Well, that time is very close. With the advancements and building along San Felipe Road, the need for improvement has become one of San Felipe’s top priorities.  The city of San Felipe wants to make sure that the road built will be safe and able to withstand the fantastic weather conditions that the beautiful city is known for.  The largest factor being looked at is the increased traffic flow over the years.  San Felipe’s real estate and climate are becoming more and more desired by future retirees, as well as families acquiring vacation property.  So, the enormous increase in visitors, as well as residents, along with infrastructures to integrate with any future building, are all being taken into consideration.  It looks like they have thought of everything.

The first stage plans are to develop 30 kilometers of San Felipe Road starting at kilometer marker 190 (at the beginning of town), and advancing North to kilometer marker 160.  The new modernizations will include a four-lane road (approximately 34 meters across), with a beautifully landscaped center median.  Considering that the current road is only 7 meters across, the future four-lane road (along with the beautiful flowers, bushes, and trees in the center median) will make entering San Felipe the pleasurable experience it should be.  The road will also have safe u-turn access and pedestrian-friendly crosswalks as needed.

They intend to divide the 30-kilometer project into twenty 1.5 kilometer sections.  Phase 1 of the project (which consists of the development, lab tests, and expected budget) is already complete.  The project budget is currently estimated at $175 M Pesos.  Phase 2 is the Environmental Impact Study, and Phase 3 is the Executive Study which includes results of Phase 1 and 2.  The blueprints, lab tests, and budget proposals have already been submitted to the government.  So, Phase 2 is soon to follow.  Pending Government approval and receipt of the first $50 M Pesos, the first 15-20 kilometers of the project can begin construction.

This is extremely exciting news for both residents and investors alike in San Felipe.  As the entrance into San Felipe, it will soon represent the paradise that it is.