San Felipe Information

San Felipe is a thriving community with more than 20,000 permanent residents, with an additional 10,000 from the United States, Canada, and Europe. The town is of sufficient size that has a significant variety of goods and services that are enjoyed by the entire populace.

The natives are friendly and very tolerant of the many outsiders that come into town each year. The residents also actively support the same kinds of community recreation that we are used to in the States. There are ball fields, basketball courts, a swimming pool, and of course soccer fields where young and old alike compete. There are several different denominations of churches here as well as doctors, dentists, engineers, and lawyers.

San Felipe encompasses beautiful silken and golden sandy beaches, warm and calm waters and it is the entrance to one of the most important ecological sanctuaries in the world. Its natural surroundings have turned San Felipe into a tourist destination as the gateway to the Sea of Cortez, a panorama of new sights and experiences, and the natural reserve of the “Valley of the Giants” (thousand-year-old cactuses). Once called the “totoaba paradise” named after a giant species of giant sea bass now protected, fishing enthusiasts still flock to this Sea of Cortez port, because of its great sports fishing. Sections of boulders and volcanic rock provide a nice diversion to beach strollers. This makes for great clam hunting on a sunny afternoon. The dunes, the desert flora, and the mountains that surround San Felipe offer a spectacular view.

The Sea of Cortez is characterized by the 10,000 feet deep submarine canyons that nourish over 800 species of fish and a third of the world’s population of sea mammals (including eight varieties of whales). The stark, scrub-covered, islands off the coast play host to a variety of migratory birds, some of which, such as the elegant Tern and Laser Storm Petrel, nest only here.

With San Felipe’s proximity to the USA border and the new upscale housing development of La Hacienda, this area is rapidly becoming a very desirable, yet affordable vacation resort and retirement community.